Cizallamiento de Precisión

Tolerance Guidelines:
Material tolerances not listed below shall be in accordance with ASTM, ASME, or AMS specification to which the material was produced and certified.

Plate/heavy sheet (0.090” up to 0.250”)
Min width/length:  2”
Max length: 144″

  • Standard width and length tolerance: +0.125”/-0″.
    (Upon request, special processing can be done with width and length tolerance of +0.062″, -0.)
  • Standard diagonal tolerance: 1/8” max.

Sheet (0.015” up to 0.090”)
Min width/length: 1”
Max length: 120”

  • Standard width and length tolerance: +/-0.030”
  • Diagonal tolerance: 1/16″ maximum on sheared items.
  • Precision shearing down to +/-0.015″ is also available upon request on limited items.

If you require tighter tolerances, please contact one of our sales representatives.