Our high-temperature family of alloys is generally distinguished by the HAYNES® brand and our corrosion-resistant alloys by the HASTELLOY® brand. Industries often specify alloys by a UNS designation, unaware that such alloy specifications only address issues of chemical composition, not corrosion or heat resistance. We protect the alloys’ quality and assure their performance by focusing on precise control of chemical composition and thermo-mechanical processing, in addition to systematic testing.

Other Trademarks:

STELLITE® alloy 6B
ULTIMET® alloy 
MULTIMET® alloy  
RTW™ wire

Haynes International has long used several trademarks to distinguish its high-performance alloy products from somewhat similar products of other producers. In accordance with the laws of most countries, Haynes’ trademarks may not be used by any other person in connection with the advertisement or offering for sale of any products which are not manufactured by Haynes (or its Licensees). In many countries it may be a criminal offense to knowingly substitute a different or generic product when a particular trademarked product is specified or ordered by a customer.

However, it is permissible to refer to Haynes’ or other companies’ trademarks in technical papers or other informative articles provided they are used in accordance with the law. That is, the mark should generally be typed in all capital letters (or in italics, if printed) and followed by the generic name of the product (e.g. alloy, bar, billet, casting, sheet, etc.). The ownership of each mark should be acknowledged when known, e.g. at the end of the article, and each reference must be only to material produced by or for the trademark owner and sold under the mark.

Some of the trademarks owned by others, but which may be referenced within Haynes’ technical publications on this site, include the following:

A.K. Steel: NITRONIC, 17-4-PH
Allegheny Teledyne Inc.: AL, AL-6X and AL-6XN
Avesta Jernverks Aktiebolag: 253MA, 254MO
Carpenter Technology Corp.: CARPENTER 20CB-3LR, 20CB-3, 20Mo-6, PYROMET, MP35N
Langley Alloys Ltd.: FERRALIUM
Rolled Alloys, Inc.: RA, RA330, RA333, RA 85H
Special Metals Corp.: INCOLOY, INCONEL, MONEL, NIMONIC, UDIMET, 601GC, 625LCF, 686CPT, 718SPF, 800HT

A very good guide for proper trademark use is supplied by The International Trademark Association at

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For specific concentrations of elements present in a particular product and a discussion of the potential health affects thereof, refer to the Safety Data Sheets supplied by Haynes International, Inc.  All trademarks are owned by Haynes International, Inc., unless otherwise indicated.

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