Department: Production Planning              Location: Kokomo – DSO

Business Opportunity:

To plan, provision and control semi-finish stock for timely delivery of orders to customers while maintaining the highest quality standard of safety and customer service.

Role Qualifications:

Education: Associate degree (P), or equivalent planning experience (P)

Experience: Warehouse or Manufacturing Planning (P), Planning/Scheduling/Productions Control (P), Manufacturing (P)

Areas of Knowledge: Scheduling Experience (P), System Knowledge (P), Manufacturing or Warehouse Experience (P)

Skills: Strong Math Skills: Volumes, Lengths, Widths, Areas, Diameters and Elongation (R), Typing/Keyboarding (R), Windows-Based Software Experience (R), Organizational Skills; Attention to Detail, Thorough, and Good Communicator (R).

Role Responsibilities:

1. Maintain safe working environment at all times. Be aware of and follow all safety practices and procedures in all areas of the plant (F.O.C.U.S.).

2. Receive semi-finish stock into AX within 24 hours of physical receipt.

3. Plan, route, audit and issue material to customer orders while maximizing yield and minimizing cost.

4. On time start goals of 80% on time to the day – 100% within one week.

5. Disposition product reviews and respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

6. Work order changes, backorders and cancellations within 24 hours of receipt.

7. Continually assist in the development and streamlining of current systems.