Maintenance Supervisor - Kokomo

Department: Maintenance                   Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose: 
To safely and effectively lead, direct and motivate all personnel within assigned/responsible area. To follow established corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines. And deliver consistent results to the customer, both internal and external.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

High School Diploma or GED (R), Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience (P).

3-5 years of Maintenance or Manufacturing or equivalent experience (R). 2 years of management or supervisory experience (P).

Areas of Knowledge:
Safety, Health & Environment (R), Labor Relations (R), Business Analysis (R), Manufacturing (P), Management (R), Plant Production Operation (P), Maintenance (R), Fluid Power (P), Electrical/Process Control (P), Machine Shop (P), Prints and Drawings (R), Six Sigma (P).

Written and Oral Communication (R), Organization (R), Leadership (R), Computer Operation (R), Interpersonal Relationships (R).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:

  • Safety/Environmental: Effectively communicate corporate safety and environmental policies to direct reports. Take appropriate actions to ensure all assigned maintenance procedures and practices are maintained in a safe , environmentally compliant manner that is consistent with established policies.
  • Quality: Effectively communicate corporate quality policy and goals to direct reports. Take appropriate actions to ensure all assigned maintenance procedures and practices support these policies and goals. Establish requirements with direct reports to ensure understanding and compliance with established policies.
  • Productivity: Effectively communicate weekly and monthly productivity goals to direct reports and take appropriate action required to achieve or exceed the established goals.
  • Cost/Stewardship: Effectively communicate the corporate policy on cost to direct reports. Take appropriate action to remain within department budgets. Establish requirements with direct reports to perform duties in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Utilize maintenance materials to minimize all waste and recycle or reuse all leftover and waste materials when possible.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

Safety, Health and Environment: Effectively communicate and ensure compliance with: company policies and procedures; training requirements; accident reporting procedures; Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) directives; Lockout/Tagout/Try Procedures; Confined space entry procedures; the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); and Environmental policies.

Labor Relations: Effectively communicate and ensure compliance with plant rules of conduct; handle disciplinary situations; provide overtime guidelines; and direct employee accountability and development.

Business Analysis: Effectively communicate and ensure compliance with corporate policies for the allocation of resources; the scheduling of employees and equipment; and maximizing production. Establish and follow cost control procedures to remain within directed budget.

Manufacturing: Effectively communicate and ensure compliance with the concepts or recognizing and serving internal and external customers. Understand the flow of material through your areas of responsibility. Monitor and effectively manage equipment that limits/restricts the flow of product through production.

Management: Plan and schedule personnel and equipment to maximize productivity. Foster cross-functional interactions between personnel and departments that will enhance operations. Understand and accept the responsibility of 24-hour accountability. Take action to improve computer skills through any means (classes, books, coworker instruction).

Skills Assessment: Continuously assess the skill level of the tradesmen and improve through training.

PM’s: Promote existing and implement new PM’s to eliminate repeat downtime occurrences.

5-S: Promote 5-S and Lean Six Sigma concepts.