Chemistry Lab Manager

Department: Chemistry Lab           Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
The primary purpose of this role is to manage the Chemistry Lab in meeting production requirements while maintaining Nadcap accreditation. The Chemistry Lab covers production on a 24/7 basis and also performs chemical analyses in support of new alloy development projects. New equipment is in various stages of development and validation. The Chemistry Lab Manager will take the lead in bringing all equipment on-line in accordance with Nadcap, ASTM and customer requirements.  Nadcap and other accreditation bodies require data analyses, frequent proficiency and round robin testing, and monitoring and auditing of processes. The Chemistry Lab Manager will be accountable for meeting these requirements. The Chem Lab Manager will engage and lead all direct reports in efforts to meet internal and external requirements.

Role Qualifications: (Required) & (Preferred)

High School Diploma (R); B.S. or M.S. Chemistry or Related Science (P).

High School Diploma with 10+ years chemistry analysis work experience in the Metals Industry (R) or B.S. or M.S. with 5+ years chemistry analysis work experience in the Metals Industry.

Areas of Knowledge:
Chemistry Lab Experience (R), Instrumentation (R), XRF (P), OES (P), ICP (P), Calibration and Validation of Instrumentation (R), Working Knowledge of Wet Chemistry Methods (R), ICAP (P), GFAA (P), Nadcap (P), ASTM (P), AMS (P).

Excellent Computer Skills (R) Strong Communication Skills (R), Management (R), Mathematical (R), Writing (R), Analytical (R), Organizational (R), Time Management (R),  Leadership (R), Auditing (P).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:

  • Safety and Environmental: Support all corporate and departmental safety/environmental/ergonomic procedures, policies and guidelines through proactive improvement efforts.  Use PPE and understand and demonstrate safe work practices. Attend and participate at all scheduled safety meetings.
  • Quality: Ensure that Quality is second only to safety by reviewing the performance of assigned tasks of Chemistry Lab personnel and the accuracy of chemical analyses of Chemistry Lab personnel for compliance to documented procedures. Improve existing or develop procedures following established guidelines to correct errors or procedural inconsistencies. Optimize processes, track data and effectively communicate problems immediately upon discovery.
  • Productivity: Provide uninterrupted coverage to support a 24/7 melt operation. Perform all tasks per defined quality level, priority and time. Proactively complete tasks to meet all departmental and corporate commitment. Develop process improvements to streamline analysis and establish priorities.
  • Cost/Stewardship: Keep equipment running reducing the need for outside production testing. Exercise good time management.
  • Team Work: Lead personnel to function as one cohesive group with the same agenda: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Be a role model for direct reports by “walking the talk.” Use communication to improve overall lab performance.  Blend roles for wet and instrument production and accreditation for a uniform approach to improvement.
Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

  1. Participate in the monthly safety meetings for Supervisors. Conduct monthly safety meetings with direct reports.  Conduct monthly safety audits. Maintain an environmentally and ergonomically safe workplace through suggestions and actions. Establish and maintain 5S projects. Enforce the wearing of PPE. Write and maintain JSA and LOTO procedures. Ensure all chemicals have a current MSDS on file and your direct reports are trained in acquiring an MSDS.
  2. Review all QCIs, SOPs and other quality documents for compliance to accreditation bodies, industry standards and customer requirements:  Nadcap, ASTM, AMS, Aerospace and etc. Where deficiencies exist in quality documents, revise existing or write a new document to address the deficiencies.  Review all test results for compliance to standards and specifications.  Perform trending analysis to identify opportunities for improvement. Perform an internal self-audit of the performance of the Chemistry Lab personnel for compliance to documented procedures. Perform an internal self-audit of the compliance of the quality documents to accreditation body requirements.  Address any deficiencies through the nonconformance system. Administer the internal round robin and external proficiency testing programs.  Participate in the Melt Meeting and the Chem Definition Team. Lead the scale-up and validation of current new equipment (XRF-9900, Bruker OE and ICAP) in accordance with Nadcap, ASTM and customer requirements. Lead the effort for the purchase of new equipment to reduce the dependency on outside laboratories. Maintain and/or establish PM and calibration programs as required. Take the lead in all customer inquiries (written and verbal) and visits. Lead the reaccreditation efforts by preparation and participation.
  3. Coordinate efforts of Chemistry Lab personnel to provide accurate, timely analyses for customers:  Melt Shops, Technology, Environmental and etc. Schedule personnel to provide uninterrupted coverage.  Operate equipment to maintain your proficiency in each testing discipline. Continually increase personal skills, knowledge and technology base.  Recommend and accept additional training.  Develop and implement a program to cross train employees for flexibility.  Work closely with Melt Shops and Technology to understand their needs.  Manage the flow of tests throughout the Chemistry Lab. Set timelines for testing completion and follow up on testing time to improve service.  Provide oversight of personnel to look for opportunities to improve efficiency while maintaining quality standards.
  4. Be cognizant of your time and your direct reports and the results realized for the time expended.  Track the budget for accuracy. On a monthly basis, inform your Director of departmental overages.
  5. Communicate effectively and clearly. Contribute personal and professional knowledge to enhance the skill of others. Be receptive to direction and accept feedback in a positive manner.  Recommend and accept additional training. Demonstrate support of departmental and corporate goals through flexibility and cooperation. Serve as a role model by your actions and encourage others to reach their full potential using constructive feedback.