Recommended Wheels and Coolants Applicable to:
Corrosion-resistant Alloys
High-temperature Alloys

Type of Grinding Wheels* Manufacturer Type of Work Coolant
Cylinder Grinding
Straight or tapered O.D. 53A80-J8V127 Norton Sharp corners andfine finish Heavy-duty soluble coolant25: 1 mix CASTROL 653
Form work, single wheel section method 38A60-J8-VBE Norton Removing stock, sharp corner work, straight radius work Dry
Form work, crush-roll method 53A220-L9VB Norton Precision forms, radius Straight oil
Centerless 53A80-J8VCN Norton Thin-walled material, solid or heavy-walled material Heavy-duty soluble coolant 25:1 mix CASTROL 653
Internal Grinding
Straight or tapered 23A54-L8VBE Norton  Small holes, medium-sized holes, large holes, small counter-bores Heavy-duty soluble coolant 25:1 mix > CASTROL 709
Surface Grinding
Straight wheel 32A46-H8VBE38A46-I-V Norton - Dry or any heavy-dutysoluble coolant 25:1 mix CASTROL 653
Double-opposed disk type 87A46-G12-BV87A46-J11-BW Gardner Through-feed work, Ferris wheel work, thin work Heavy-duty soluble coolant 10:1 mix CASTROL 653
Cylinder or segmental-type 32A46-F12VBE Norton Thin work, bevels, and close-tolerance work Sal-soda in water CASTROL 653
Single wheel section method 32A46-F12VBEP Norton Profile work Dry
Thread Grinding
External threads A100-T9BH Norton - VANTOL 5299-Mor equivalent
Internal C120-E12-V32C220-K4VEJ45-J57 Bay State Carborundum Sunnen - VANTOL 5299-Cor equivalent
Rough Grinding
Cut-off (wet) 86A461-LB25W Norton - CASTROL 653
Cut-off (dry) 4NZA24-TB65N Norton - Dry
Snagging 4ZF1634-Q5B38 Norton - Dry

*The wheels indicated have been optimized for speeds between 6000 and 6500 surface ft./min