Wire and Welding


Standard product size range for wire and welding consumables:

  • Loose Coils: 0.030 – 0.187” (0.76 – 4.70mm) diameters
  • Precision Layer Wound Wire: 0.030 – 0.093” (0.76 – 2.40mm) diameters
  • Cut-length Wire: 0.030 – 0.187” (0.76 – 4.70mm) diameters
  • Wire Rod for Redraw: 0.218 – 0.275” (5.50 – 7.00mm) diameters
  • Coated Electrodes: 0.093 – 0.187” (0.187 – 4.70mm) diameters
  • Drum Packs: 0.035 – 0.125″ (0.88 – 3.17mm) diameters. We offer 250 LB – 500 LB drums.

If you require a non-standard size, please contact one of our sales representatives.

wire2Our Wire Products Manufacturing Facility , located in Mountain Home, North Carolina, manufactures finished high-performance alloy wire and welding consumables. The Mountain Home plant is located on approximately 29 acres of land, and includes approximately 100,000 square feet of building space. Finished wire products are also warehoused at this facility.

The Wire Facility receives HASTELLOY® and HAYNES® alloy rod coil from the main manufacturing facility in Kokomo, Indiana. The product is melted in Kokomo, rolled into rod coil, and then shipped to the Wire Products Manufacturing Facility. The majority of the rod coil is 0.218” (5.50mm). The Wire Facility also produces many other nickel alloys and stainless steel grades rod coils from various suppliers throughout the world. The products produced include:

  • Round wire only in MIG, TIG, loose coils, coated electrodes, and spools
  • Sizes from 0.030” to 0.156” for welding products and, as small as, 0.008” in fine wire

Common medical applications include stents, bone drill bits, cerclage cables, guide rods, orthopedic cables and heart valves.

Other wire products for the medical industry:

  • 304V (ASTM F899)
  • 316LVM (ASTM A580, ASTM F138)
  • 420DVM (ASTM A580, ASTM F899)
  • Nickel 200/201/205 (ASTM B160-05)
  • NiCr 80 (ASTM-B-344)
High-speed, in-line cleaner for finished wire

Manufacturing Equipment

  • 4 Morgan Draw Benches
  • 6 Barcro Intermediate Draw Benches
  • 12 Bull Blocks
  • 32 Fine Wire Drawing Machines
  • 5 Heavy Wire Strand Annealing Lines
  • 5 Fine Wire Strand Annealing Lines
  • 2 Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • 2 Precision Level Winders
  • 6 Straighten and Cut Machines
  • 1 Flag Tag Machine
The GIMAX Precision Winder produces high-quality layer wound welding spools.
wire9Rigorous positive material identifications are built into every product.

Certifications and Approvals

wire8Wire is available in loose coil form in standard diameters.