Process Research Engineer

DepartmentResearch and Technology     Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose: 
To provide the technical expertise in the area of process simulation, welding technology and metals fabrication technology required to support external and internal customers and thereby enhance Haynes International’s position in the high performance alloys marketplace.   

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred) 

B.S. (R); M.S. (P) Materials Science, Metallurgy, Mechanical, or related engineering discipline.

5 yrs. w/B.S. (R) 0-5 yrs. or more with advanced degree (P) in primary metals industry (or related enduser).

Areas of Knowledge: 
Metal forming, Mechanical, Welding, Finite element simulation concepts (P), knowledge of Ni- and Cobased alloy manufacturing technologies, performance, markets and applications (P).   

Interpersonal communications, technical writing, word processing, spreadsheet (R), DOE and statistical analysis software (P).

Global Accountabilities for the Role: 
  • Ensure that safe practices, compliant with environmental regulations and company policies, are followed in all personal activities and work requests to the laboratories.
  • Ensure that personal activities are not only supportive of the quality system goals, but also consistent with the overall quality expectations for the R&T department.
  • Comply with productivity measurements and goals established by the Manager of Technical Services.
  • Comply with project, travel, and professional activity constraints established within the R&T budget.
  • Effectively track, document, and report the progress and results of assigned technical projects and technical service requests.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role: 
1. New Project Development: Assist in the conception of projects in the areas new manufacturing process development and evaluation/simulation of metal fabrication technologies. Evaluate capabilities and cost effectiveness of new simulation software that appears in the scientific market place.
2. Process Simulation and Characterization: Develop expertise in process simulation though the use of mechanical simulation (DEFORM®), thermodynamic simulation (Pandat and/or Thermocalc) and develop new expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation methods. Use such software tools to support new internal (manufacturing) and external (Marketing/customer-driven) process development and optimization.
3. Alloy Recommendations: Research and review relevant data and exercise judgment in making recommendations to customers on which alloys to use under specified industrial conditions.
4. Failure Analyses: Initiate and conduct tests, develop relevant data, and apply knowledge to ascertain why components failed in service, and recommend alternate materials of construction. If necessary, conduct preliminary documentation of corrosion, welding and fabrication-related failures at customers’ locations.
5. New Products: Initiate, conduct, and administer tests to establish the welding and fabrication characteristics of newly-developed materials. Prepare data for use in technical publications and presentations. 
6. Technical Writing: Summarize welding and fabrication test results and failure analyses in internal technical reports for distribution to relevant R&T and Marketing personnel and for inclusion in the Docushare system.
7. Customer Support: Respond to customer’s e-mail and telephone inquiries for assistance. Apply technical knowledge, skills, and experience to provide positive interaction and timely response. Utilize available resources effectively.
8. Technical Conferences: Attend, participate, and represent Haynes at technical conferences and exhibitions.
9. Knowledge Management: Conduct other knowledge management initiatives as directed.