The Home of HASTELLOY® and
HAYNES® Alloys

Department: Research and Technology       Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose: 
Expected to be instrumental in the characterization and development of new high-temperature structural and corrosion-resistant alloys, production process development, alloy and process scale-up in the mill, and commercial support.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred) 

B.S. (R), M.S. or Ph.D. (P) in Metallurgy, Materials Science or related discipline (e.g., Chemical Engineering)

5 yrs. w/ B.S. (R) or 0-5 yrs. with advanced degree (P) in primary metals industry (or related end-user) (P) in high temperature corrosion and/or the superalloys industry

Areas of Knowledge:  
Advanced – physical metallurgy (R) and high-temperature corrosion (R)
Basic – interpersonal communications, technical writing, word processing and spreadsheet (R), Ni- and Co-base alloy manufacturing technologies, performance, markets, and applications (P), materials-related software (e.g., Thermo-Calc, ACCESS etc.) (P)

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