Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist - Kokomo

Department: Environmental, Health & Safety           Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
To ensure compliance with all Federal and State, and local EH&S regulations with respect to employee health and safety and the environment..

Role Qualifications: (Required) & (Preferred)

BS Physical Sciences - Engineering, Safety, Chemical, Mechanical or Civil; Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Environmental Science, or equivalent (R). 

Areas of Knowledge:
Knowledge of regulatory compliance with federal, state, and local EH&S requirements including OSHA, NFPA, ANSI, EPA and IDEM. Industrial Hygiene (P), HAZCOM (R), Lockout/Tagout (R), PPE (R), Ergonomics (R) Stormwater Compliance (P), Pollution Prevention (P), RCRA Reporting (P), Hazardous Waste Manifesting (P).

Communications (R), Computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) (R), Problem solving (R).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:

  • Safety & Environmental: Support and maintain the company’s overall EH&S programs.
  • Quality: Support the company’s quality system.
  • Productivity: Take appropriate actions required to achieve or exceed the established goals.
  • Cost: Take appropriate action to remain within department budgets and seek cost reduction opportunities.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

  1. Conducting risk assessments related to jobs performed by employees and suggests risk mitigation strategies through the Job Safety Analysis process;
  2. Recommending and implementing appropriate risk mitigation measures to management. 
  3. Training and assisting others (managers, employees, etc.) to complete their safety and compliance responsibilities such as audits.
  4. Completing, documenting, and submitting required EHS reports and recordkeeping information as needed.
  5. Enforcing compliance of EHS programs.
  6. Respond to emergency situations as they arise.
  7. Assist with waste stream management.
  8. Ensure that all waste is stored in compliance with RCRA and other relevant regulations.
  9. Participate in semi-annual audits to ensure regulatory compliance & distribute reports.
  10. Maintain knowledge of OSHA, IOSHA, NFPA, ANSI, EPA and IDEM standards.
  11. Assist with industrial hygiene air sampling.
  12. Attend coordinated safety committee meetings.
  13. Assist with incident investigation process.
  14. Assist with other EHS related duties as needed.