Chemistry Lab Staff Technician

Department: Chemistry Lab           Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
To conduct chemical testing and interpret test results, specifically instrument analyses of melt and product samples using multiple instruments or wet chemistry techniques. To operate independently and cover off shifts and weekend beeper coverage to support Melting. Report to the Chemistry Lab Manager/Director of Lab Services and work under the guidance of the Technologist and Lead Chemist.

Role Qualifications: (Required) & (Preferred)

BS/BA Degree (P) or two year AS Degree, specifically in chemistry or related science (P). High School Diploma or GED is acceptable combined with a minimum of five years directly related laboratory experience.

One year of chemistry laboratory experience at Haynes International or a similar lab with college degree (R).

Areas of Knowledge:
Direct hands on experience with laboratory equipment (instrument or wet chemistry ) (R); Good Laboratory Practices (R); Safe chemical handling (R); Industrial Safety (R); Manufacturing & Testing Flow and Sample Operations (R); Spreadsheet and Database (R); Sample Preparation (R); Laboratory operations (R), Quality Systems and Standards (R); Calibration Requirements (R); Haynes Specific Computer Systems (P).

Analytical (R); Process Evaluation and Improvement (R); Communication--Both Oral and Written (R), Time management (R), Problem solving (R); Computer (R); Mathematical (R), Writing (R); Measuring Instruments (R); Organizational (R), Planning (R), Ability to Follow and Revise SOPs (R); Computer Skills (R); Process evaluation and development (R); Auditing (P) and Data Analysis (P), Leadership (P).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:
  • Safety and Environmental: Understands, develops and demonstrates general safe work practices; uses PPE; promotes a positive safety attitude; participates in safety meetings; demonstrates good housekeeping practices.
  • Quality: Complete understanding of job responsibilities and related operations; demonstrates required technical expertise; makes suggestions for improvement of existing processes, increases personal skills, knowledge, and technology base; contributes personal and professional knowledge to enhance the skills of others.
  • Productivity: Independently completes work assignments on time and with few mistakes; communicates effectively and clearly when expressing ideas and concerns to other; accepts responsibility for own actions and is accountable; makes suggestions for work assignments to meet objectives; effectively utilizes time to meet established goals; receptive to direction; accepts feedback in a positive manner.
  • Cost/Stewardship: Operates efficiently using good practices to eliminate wasted time and need to re-run samples. Identifies and corrects equipment problems to produce excellent results for Melt Shops and Production. Uses proper procedures to avoid reporting incorrect results.
Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
  1. Promote a positive safety attitude. Make suggestions to improve JSAs. Demonstrate good housekeeping practices.
  2. Enter data in the VRA system. Show ability to search system, make approved corrections and locate historic data.
  3. Follow documented procedures and SOPs. Has good basic understanding of the SOP and the appropriate test specifications upon which the SOP was derived. Read and understand the ASTM specifications associated with the process.
  4. Make suggestions for improvement of existing processes. Assist in the writing and revising of SOPs and OCIs, as needed, to remain in compliance with accreditation bodies and customer requirements.
  5. Assist others and be willing to receive additional training and accept change.
  6. Actively participate in the preparation for audits.
  7. Assist Technologist in instrument development and learn basics of how each instrument functions (certified standards, calibration curves, type standards, regression analysis, curve refinement)
  8. Enter tests results into the computer database. Be cognizant of values entered to identify potential trends, unusual results or unexpected elements.
  9. Perform data collection and analysis for designated instruments/alloys
  10. Accountability for identifying, reporting and correcting errors immediately.
  11. Assist Lead Chemist in generating data for process/instrument development.
  12. Assist Lead Chemist in generating proficiency test and round robin data.
  13. Contact maintenance or the supervisor, as soon as possible, when equipment goes down. Continue contact until equipment is repaired.
  14. Contact the Supervisor, Maintenance and/or the Calibrations Standards Lab when equipment is nearing the recalibration date.
  15. Maintain log books as required: standards, calibration runs, activities
  16. Act in a Professional manner at all times.