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Business Purpose:
Diagnose and correct problems or failure of electrical or mechanical components within the industrial mills machinery, electrical control panels, circuit breakers, fixtures and other equipment. Test and observe the functioning of repaired or installed equipment to detect hazards or the need for adjustment. Perform a variety of industrial functions and machine repairs to facilitate the smooth operation of industrial machinery and equipment as needed to meet production schedules.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

High School Diploma (R), Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Electronics (P). 

H.S. diploma with some advanced education in electronics (R), 3 years of pertinent industrial experience working with older GE, Siemens, German and Italian equipment (P).

Areas of Knowledge:
Transformers, motors, generators, drive equipment and all phases of industrial electrical systems
Oscilloscopes and multimeters
Basic wire manufacturing process
Reading of blueprints

Global Accountabilities for the Role
  • Safety -  Follow all departmental and area safety procedures, policies and guidelines, demonstrating safe work practices.  Lead by example using PPE and demonstrating good housekeeping practices.  Assist in maintaining an environmentally safe workplace, through initiative and adherence to environmental policies.  Lead, attend, and participate at all scheduled safety meetings. Assist supervision in monitoring others adherence to all area safe practices, JSA’s, and Lock/Tag/Try procedures.
  • Quality -  Perform assigned tasks or work requests with minimal mistakes and with little or no supervision.  Improve existing processes and adapt and develop new procedures. Correcting mistakes or procedural inconsistencies following developed guidelines.  Report corrective action taken to the supervisor, as needed.  Ensure that you are following established procedures and guidelines for all tasks performed. 
  • Productivity -  Effectively and enthusiastically use time to maximize benefit to the company. Seek every opportunity to assist others in efforts to keep the Mill running efficiently.  Assist supervisor in the scheduling and coordination of tasks and people to effectively meet all departmental commitments within the mill.
  • Cost -  Avoid excess waste of material and/or supplies by performing tasks right the first time.  Assist supervisor in finding low cost, quality providers of supplies and services to ensure the continued operation of the Mill.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

  1. Processes Used- Electrical testing using instruments such as ohumeters, multimeters, ampmeters, oscilloscopes, etc.Ability to follow blue prints for the repair or rebuilding of a wide variety of industrial equipment and machines. Use various types of mechanic tools, gas and electric welding equipment to move, install, maintain and repair worn or damaged parts. Continually increase personal skills, knowledge, and technology base by recommending and accepting additional training. Participate in departmental process/procedural improvement initiatives. Maintain a clean and organized work area.
  2. Communication- Effectively and clearly communicate and contribute personal and professional knowledge to enhance skills of others. Receptive to direction and training necessary to meet the qualifications required for the assigned tasks. Accept feedback in a positive manner and encourage two-way communications for ideas, improvements, and continual feedback. Serve as a role model by attending daily safety meetings and correcting safety concerns when they arise.
  3. Cross-functional Relations- Recognize responsibilities based on organizational structure, and communicate with the appropriate individuals (persons responsible). Assist Supervisor in process/procedural improvement initiatives, maintenance protocol and equipment repair to meet industry standards.    
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