The Home of HASTELLOY® and
HAYNES® Alloys

Department:  Maintenance               Location:  Kokomo, IN 

Basic qualifications are:   

  • Must be 18 years old and possess a high school diploma/GED
  • Possess a bona fide Journeyman Certificate in the Craft or Documentation substantiating at    least 8 years of related experience in the Craft
  • Ability to perform the essential job functions and physical requirements (as listed below) 
  • Passing score on math and measurements test
  • Successful completion of writing sample
  • Punctual and regular attendance 

Skills requirements are: 

  • Mathematics - add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure using whole numbers and common fractions.
  • Language - Read and interpret the following documents:  safety policies; follow all operating and maintenance procedures; follow all emergency procedures and various manuals; write routine reports and correspondence; and use communication skills with coworkers.
  • Reasoning ability - ability to apply common sense and understanding; ability to carry out detailed but uninvolved written and oral instructions; and the ability to interact with coworkers through communications and acceptance of expectations and accountability.
  • Other skills and abilities:  ability to train in various job functions of the operations, and read and     interpret measuring devices (ruler, tape measure, micrometer, leveling devices, calculator, etc.)
  • Equipment to be used: Computer, P.C.; ruler/tape measure; various hand tools; various material handling equipment, micrometers, calipers

Essential job functions:

  • Work from work orders, verbal instruction, complex blueprints, drawings and sketches, will plan, layout and repair a variety of systems and equipment involving machine repair.
  • Sets up and operates a wide variety of machine tools.
  • Designs or works from complex designs, will layout, field test and fit, inspect, fabricate and/or repair a wide variety of complicated parts.
  • Assists, directs, and trains the apprentice in the machine repair craft.
  • Occasionally operate various material handling equipment such as floor controlled or overhead cranes, prime movers, work savers, fork lift truck to perform work that is inherent to the Machine Repair craft.
  • Maintains records 

Essential physical requirements:

  • Handle various hand tools such as set of sockets, combination end wrenches, pin punches, chisels, and screwdrivers, hacksaw, T-handles tap wrenches, thickness gauges, pipe wrenches, metal scribe, steel rule, dividers, calipers, adjustable wrenches, channel lock pliers, long nose pliers, vise grip pliers, ball peen hammer, center punch pry bars, tin snips and slip joint pliers on a frequent basis.  The weight of these tools range from 1 to 40 lbs.
  • Climb heights ranging from 1-56 feet
  • Maximum horizontal reach is 28”, maximum vertical reach is 72”
  • Continuous standing and walking is required.
  • Occasional ladder climbing and stair climbing is required to access jobs.
  • Occasional stooping and squatting is required.
  • Frequent shoulder and elbow flexion, trunk flexion, and grasping 
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