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Department: Quality Assurance               LocationKokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
To safely and effectively plan, organize, and control various tasks and functions within assigned and/or responsible areas. To follow established corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines to deliver consistent results to external and internal customers.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

High School Diploma or GED and 3+ years of related experience (R), Associates Degree in Metrology, Electrical Engineering or related technical field and 2 years’ experience (P), Bachelor’s Degree in technical discipline (P)

1 year of employment in a technical, laboratory environment, or equivalent academic experience (R)

Areas of Knowledge:
Operation of measuring equipment, Calibration of Measuring and Testing Equipment (R); Electronics, ISO/Nadcap Requirements for Calibration (P)

Organizational (R), Written and Oral Communication (R), Computer Operations (R) Interpersonal Relationships (R)

Global Accountabilities for the Role:
  • Safety/Environmental: Safety/Environmental: Effectively communicate and establish requirements to ensure understanding and compliance with all corporate/departmental safety and environmental policies.
  • Quality: Effectively communicate established requirements to ensure understanding and compliance of applicable policies and procedures to peers regarding the corporate quality policy, goals, Quality Control Instructions (QCI’s), Standard Operating Practices (SOP’s), and all other established requirements.
  • Productivity: Perform all calibrations and maintain records in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Cost/Stewardship: Establish techniques to perform assigned duties in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
Adhere to company policies/procedures regarding PPE, Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy, and plant rules of conduct.
2. Understand and adhere to all relevant QCIs and SOPs to perform daily functions.
3. Communicate, adhere to and ensure compliance with policies/procedures with regard to performing documentation of reports and auditing of documentation.
4. Maintain computer database of calibration system assets and histories of all equipment.
5. Prepare calibration reports and related documentation in accordance with calibration system requirements.
6. Perform requested calibration services, repair, and assigned activities within a timely manner.
7. Interact with manufacturing, maintenance, manufacturing engineering, test lab, and quality assurance areas on the calibration of measurement and testing equipment to ensure equipment remains within the calibration period.
8. Assist the Calibration Services in calibrating primary and secondary standards and other equipment in compliance with calibrations policies and procedures.
9. Assist the Calibration Services in developing/revising calibration procedures.
10. Highlight activities/issues and progress on assigned task for input into the Quality Assurance monthly report and supervisory report in a timely manner.

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